12000 BTU Dual Hose Digital Portable Air Condtiioner with Heat DrainPump

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This model is equipped with a Self-Evaporative system which exhausts most or all condensate under average ambient conditions. The Whynter ARC-122DHP also comes with an internal condensate AutoPump that can be activated to pump out excess condensate that may accumulate in high humidity conditions. This portable air conditioner uses non ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant and is made with all RoHS compliant components that are free of toxic chemicals, designed to be an environmentally friendlier product.

The unit can be easily setup in almost any indoor location and is most commonly used in data closets / server rooms, bedrooms, classrooms and garages / workshops.

Superior cooling and heating operation
The Whynter ARC-122DHP portable air conditioner provides 12,000 BTU cooling and 10,000 BTU heating output while maintaining a compact and portable profile. The dehumidifier mode allows you to extract 76 pints of excess moisture during a 24-hour period.

Hassle-free operation
When the water tank is full, the compressor will shut down and will not start back up before the tank is emptied. Alternatively, the AutoPump function can be utilized to pump out (and up to 10′ of vertical lift) moisture through the included 16.5’ drain tube for continuous condensate removal.

Dual Hose System
Equipped with an intake and exhaust hose, this system allows for more air intake, cooling power, and constant air pressure, which results to a faster cooling rate than comparable single-hose units (can be operated as single hose as well).

Energy Saver
Equipped with a remote control that can easily control the speed, temperature, and dehumidifier settings even from a distance, the Whynter ARC-122DHP also comes with rolling casters that will allow you to move the portable air conditioner room to room.

Storage cover bag
Comes with a protective cover with pocket that will protect your portable AC unit plus store your exhaust hose, window kit, remote control and user manual when not in use. This protective cover will keep dust and dirt from collecting on the unit while it is in storage.

Useful features
Save energy and money by setting the unit to run only when you need it. Using the 24 hour programmable timer, the ARC-122DHP can efficiently cool your space before you even get there. The timer allows you to set the unit to cycle on automatically, or once it is on, you can set it to automatically turn off.

Its programmable features, operating modes, and versatile design makes this unit a great option for keeping rooms up to 400 square feet cool and comfortable (ambient temperature and humidity may influence optimum performance).


Additional Features
Color Silver
Coverage Sq. Ft. 400 sq. ft.
Dehumidifying Capacity 76 pints/ day
Exhaust Hose Length Max. 60"
Fan Speed 3 speed
Filter Type Carbon air filter and washable pre-filter
Heat Mode Yes
Hose System Dual Hose
Louver Type 2-way directional air louvers
Maximum Power Consumption 1080W/ 9.5A
Noise level (dBA) < 52
Pump Feature Yes
Refrigerant R-32
Replacement Filter Carbon: ARC-CF-12SD
Replacement Hose "small hose: ARC-EH-TYPE-S large hose: ARC-EH-TYPE-L"
Replacement Window Kit ARC-WK-DUALN
Storage Bag Yes
Temperature Range 61°F – 89°F
Unit Dimensions 17" W x 16" D x 29.5" H
Upper Gravity Drain Port Yes
Window Kit Length 6.5" W x 20" (min)/ 46" (max) L
Features And Specification
● Silver color
● 12000 BTU Cooling (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 7000 BTU (DOE Standard)
10000 BTU Heating (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 9500 BTU (DOE Standard)
Refrigerant: R32
● Lead free RoHS compliant components
● Patented auto drain function fully exhausts all condensate automatically in most environments
● Four operational modes: Cool, Dehumidify, Heat, and Fan
● Digital and remote control
● LCDI (Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption) plug
● Dehumidifying Capacity: 82 Pts / day
● Upper and lower drain ports for continuous operation
● Designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling to any room, with no permanent installation
● 3 speed fan with 2-way directional air louvers
● Equipped with Carbon air filter and washable pre-filter
● Full thermostatic control (61°F – 89°F)
● Casters for easy mobility
● 24 hour programmable timer
Noise level (dBA): <52
● Auto restart after power outage
● Storage cover bag with pocket
● Extendable exhaust hose (up to 60″)
● Upgraded Plastic window kit included
Large Exhaust Hose: 5.9″ diameter
Large Hose Connector: 5.9″ diameter with 5.0″ diameter reducer
Small Intake Hose: 5.0″ diameter
Small Hose Connector: 5.0″ diameter
Fixture and Window Kit: 5.0″ diameter
Window Kit: 6.5″ W x 20″ (min)/ 46″ (max) L
Air Flow (at high speed): 330m3/h / 155CFM
Maximum cooling power consumption: 1200W  / 10.5A
Power supply: 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase
Unit dimensions: 17″ W x 16″ D x 29.5″ H
Package dimensions: 19″ W x 18″ D x 34.5″ H
Net weight: 63 lbs
Gross weight: 77 lbs
● UL listed
● UPC 850956003897
*This unit comes with one year warranty and three year warranty on the compressor.
Manual & Downlaod

  • Intake / Exhaust hoses: Based on the version of the portable air conditioner you have, you may need a 4.3” diameter intake and 5.0″ diameter exhaust hose set or a 5.0” diameter intake and 5.9″ diameter exhaust hose set and/or connectors listed below. Please make sure to measure your existing hoses before ordering additional accessories.

NOTE: Please note that we do not recommend extending the exhaust hose(s) more than 9 feet long.

  • ARC-EH-1113-SET: (Whynter Intake 4.3” diameter / Exhaust hose 5.0″ diameter)
  • ARC-EH-TYPE-L-S-SET: (Whynter Intake 5.0” diameter/ Exhaust hose 5.9″ diameter)
  • Hose Extender Sets: Based on the version of the portable air conditioner you have, you may need a 4.3” diameter intake and 5.0″ diameter exhaust hose connector set or a 5.0” diameter intake and 5.9″ diameter exhaust hose connector set listed below. Please make sure to measure your existing hoses before ordering additional accessories.
  • ARC-HCSET-110-131V1: (Whynter hose extender set for 4.3” diameter intake and 5.0″ diameter exhaust hose)
  • ARC-HCSET-110-131V2: (Whynter hose extender set for 5.0” diameter intake and 5.9″ diameter exhaust hose)
  • Window Slide Bars: ARC-WK-DUALN: Whynter Plastic Window Kit 6.5″ W x 20″ L (minimum), 46″ (maximum)
  • Activated Carbon Filter: ARC-CF-12S: Whynter Activated Carbon Filter
  • Storage Bag: ARC-STRGBG-B: Whynter portable air conditioner storage bag
  • Optional Lower Drain Bucket: ARC-DB: Whynter optional drain bucket for manual draining from lower drain port
  • Optional Upper Drain Hose: ARC-TYPN-UDPH: Whynter optional upper drain hose for continuous gravity drainage setup
  • Complete Accessories Set: ARC-ACC-DUSETG2-V2: Complete Ventilation Set for ARC-122DHP


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